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Tintype Studio

“200, at least” tintype 9 cm x 12 cm


Tintype Studio

“Hollyhocks” tintype 18 cm x 24 cm


June 2014
A view to varnish
Arjen shoots, I varnish and write.
This is my table for either writing or a huge varnish job like this. Still I’m about 200 plates behind… And I wonder if I’ll ever catch up. The brown paper that protects the surface of my table is covered with words and scribbles from my hand. Stained with lavenderoil and resin.
Through the window I see a tree with a Spotted Woodpecker couple, the other tree is the buffet for a Short-toed Treecreeper, walking round and round every branch. In between the trees a Hedgehog likes the kind of buffet that walks by itself: snales and slugs. Before I can think of the next neighbour to write about, my plate catches fire and a blue flame boils and blisters the sanderac and what could have been a good varnishing job is now ruined or at least another attempt is needed.
I keep saying to myself that I’ll finish this job before the Hollyhocks next to the lantarn will bloom…

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