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The Light Recordings: Chapter 1; Coffee - 6'32"

“Caffè Sotto 6’32’’ ” tintype 13 x 18 cm


April 2014
‘The Light Recordings’
Chapter #1: Coffee : Caffè Sotto 6’32’’

‘The Light Recordings’ is a series of artworks and installations about recording time and compressing it in a single or a series of images/objects.

Chapter I, ‘Coffee’, is where we record different brewing methods with Wet Plate Collodion technique. One record has a shutter time as long as it takes to brew from start untill end. Caffè Sotto 6’32’’ took us 6 minutes and 32 seconds to shoot and brew.
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A framed fine art repro of this tintype is now ‘on the road’  with the Coffee & Arts project (

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Tintype Studio

“Mike” tintype 18 cm x 24 cm




The Light Recordings: Chapter 1; Coffee - 6'32"

tintype 18 cm x 24 cm

April 2014
Caffè Sotto: the maker
This is Mike, the brains and designer behind this lovely machine. Not only is this machine a joy to look at, but it makes a perfect ritual and a very nice and subtle coffee at the table, if you like. It’s produced in our own little country (Netherlands), but inspired by the social aspect of the Italian coffee culture.
Thanks Jeroen ( & Mike, for sharing this beautiful design with us, and Mike, for the privilege to shoot you a portrait.

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