World Wet Plate Day 2014

Tintype Studio

“Emrys” tintype 18 cm x 24 cm

Emrys, is a wonderful ‘sitter’. I guess he’s used to it, but he still manages to not overpose, or get bored. This is one of the of 20 plates that he posed for that day. He held track of it and aimed for a (new) world record!

Tintype Studio

“Laguiole, FaceBook, tequila and me” tintype 13 x 18 cm


Gold toned albumen print of wet plate negative by the wonderful Borut Peterlin

Tintype Studio

“Lane” tintype 13 x 18 cm

May 2014
European Collodion Weekend 2014
Again it is time for us all wet plate nerds to gather around the fire (lit with collodion of course) to have a good in depth conversation about our chemistry, our mistakes and successes. Of course in relationships like these, there is a moment for booze, for frustration and relief (always when the group picture is done). A hello, a hug, a kiss and goodbye again. Until we meet again folks! Thanks!

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