This was Tintype Studio in full glory. (is that a proper English way to say that we were ‘at our best’?)
Four days of ethousiastic visitors consuming the lovely sight of seeing a plate appear in fixer.  Sometimes even a soft choir of oh’s and ah’s was heared. Made me smile, and work even harder. For the first time we actually felt appreciated for our craftmanship, not only for the results.
Our collaboration with Alex Timmermans was a perfect fit. And where our passion and the photography-loving visitors met, the actual fun in creating and sharing was felt deeply.
Thank you Alex, thank you visitors and thank you UNSEEN for anchoring this great an unexpected experience within.



_ATI8901 kopie

Nothing better than the smell of ether in the morning…


tintype 9 cm x 12 cm

_ATI8908 kopie

Alex handling Roys XL plate before fixer

_ATI8915 kopie

Roy filming his own portrait in fixer.


Manon prefers the smell of varnish over ether… By the way this is a lovely ambrotype we made of Jo Fraser


Manons temporarily spot for varnishing without wind. Although she loves pizza, this time it’s the perfect delivery box for an XL plate

_ATI8926 kopie

The result of a beautiful ‘sitter’ a very skilled Collodionist (Alex) with good chemistry and a well varnishing job.


Tintype 13 cm x 18 cm in delivery box.


Although proud, it’s always hard o say goodbye to something you love.


Wrapping freshly varnished portraits at night


Visitors before opening time


Another tintype 13 cm x 18 cm

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Tintype Studio

“Mieke” tintype 13 cm x 18 cm

Just an intense plate of an intense person.

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Tintype Studio

What will happen if you coat an unvarnished wet plate with cyanotype solution. On the same plate. That’s the question I asked myself last saturday. And this is what happened. Very pleased, and a whole new project to work on!

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Tintype Studio

“The Artist” tintype 13 cm x 18 cm

Tintype Studio

“The Scientist” tintype 13 cm x 18 cm

Tintype Studio

“Art&Science” brown glass ambrotype 18 cm x 24 cm

Art & Science (April 2013)

A couple of…
Inspiring people, classy goodlooking people, fascinating people!


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Tintype Studio

“Suzy-Yzus” tintype 13 cm x 18 cm

Tjeerd, the proud owner of this lovely lady!

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Tintype Studio

“Beard#1” tintype 13 cm x 18 cm

Tintype Studio

“Beard#2” tintype 13 cm x 18 cm

Tintype Studio

“Beard#3” tintype 13 cm x 18 cm

Thank you for being bearded (April 2013)
At Open Domein the amount of bearded man was extraordinary as was the amount of people on the waiting list. Time to filter a bit: only the strong and bearded were allowed to have their picture taken…



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Tintype Studio

“Gaia” tintype 13 cm x 18 cm

Tintype Studio

“Mark” grey glass ambrotype 9 cm x 12 cm

Tintype Studio

“Anne” tintype 9 cm x 12 cm

Tintype Studio

“Mark” tintype 9 cm x 12 cm

Tintype Studio

“Me” tintype 9 cm x 12 cm

TROUW Nachtbazaar #2 (March 2013)
Some plates we shot in TROUW. New and flawless collodion, a fresh reduced silverbath, and beautiful faces to shoot. Good ingredients are half the work.


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“Luca’s Bella Barba” tintype 13 cm x 18 cm


The beard is a phenomenon reinvented in this era. I used to think having a beard was only permitted in old yellowish pictures of my parents, but these times beards seem to fit a new strong and manly kind of man in protest against …(you name it). And as a woman I can only dream of having a beard myself. Soft, serious but pettable. Besides all that, beards always appear nice on wet plate…

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“Playground” tintype 13 cm x 18 cm

Our playground, where you can find us working and living together as a couple to create, to cry, to enjoy and celebrate, to love and trust.

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All: tintype or colored glas ambrotype 9 cm x 12 cm


Kiekie No2 Launch
With our ‘humble’ set-up with bright (day)lights, enough booze for the visitors, exhibitants and spectators, we’d manage to get the most divergent reactions. From the “I-love-oldschool-wow-this-is-fantastic!” to the “you-are-so-cheap-ass-not-taking-photography-serious-as-a-business-with-your-funfair-like-act” and all possible comments in between.
I can’t think of something more difficult than shooting photographers. And that’s exactly what we (mostly) did this evening. From that perspective, we’ve put ourselves into the line of fire.
Nice, I won’t hesitate to do that again!
Thank you Fotolab Kiekie!

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