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We think it’s time to share more. More of our work and more of us.
So we decided to make some originals, prints and posters available for you online soon… In the Tintype Studio Shop.(soon available)

Now, you can order one of these A0 size posters (30 euros), by sending an email to
Only this month: free shipping (in NL)
And keep checking our FB page, for more last-month-of-the-year-offers, coming up!



Tintype Studio Posters



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“Dress” tintype 13 cm x 18 cm

This is what we do on a Sunday afternoon: while I’m working on a dress and some props for a shoot next Wednesday, Arjen shoots a two minute exposure sneaky shot and this is the result. Oh how we love making, making, making.

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This was Tintype Studio in full glory. (is that a proper English way to say that we were ‘at our best’?)
Four days of ethousiastic visitors consuming the lovely sight of seeing a plate appear in fixer.  Sometimes even a soft choir of oh’s and ah’s was heared. Made me smile, and work even harder. For the first time we actually felt appreciated for our craftmanship, not only for the results.
Our collaboration with Alex Timmermans was a perfect fit. And where our passion and the photography-loving visitors met, the actual fun in creating and sharing was felt deeply.
Thank you Alex, thank you visitors and thank you UNSEEN for anchoring this great an unexpected experience within.



_ATI8901 kopie

Nothing better than the smell of ether in the morning…


tintype 9 cm x 12 cm

_ATI8908 kopie

Alex handling Roys XL plate before fixer

_ATI8915 kopie

Roy filming his own portrait in fixer.


Manon prefers the smell of varnish over ether… By the way this is a lovely ambrotype we made of Jo Fraser


Manons temporarily spot for varnishing without wind. Although she loves pizza, this time it’s the perfect delivery box for an XL plate

_ATI8926 kopie

The result of a beautiful ‘sitter’ a very skilled Collodionist (Alex) with good chemistry and a well varnishing job.


Tintype 13 cm x 18 cm in delivery box.


Although proud, it’s always hard o say goodbye to something you love.


Wrapping freshly varnished portraits at night


Visitors before opening time


Another tintype 13 cm x 18 cm

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Tintype Studio

What will happen if you coat an unvarnished wet plate with cyanotype solution. On the same plate. That’s the question I asked myself last saturday. And this is what happened. Very pleased, and a whole new project to work on!

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Tintype Studio

“Little Bike” tintype 18 cm x 24 cm

Tintype Studio

“Guido” clear glass ambrotype 18 cm x 24 cm

Tintype Studio

“Girl” brown glass ambrotype 13 cm x 18 cm

Sweet Summer @ Kroller Muller, July 13th 2013
My first reaction (driving into the Natural Park surrounding the museum):
“Wow, I wish I could live here…”
Second reaction (driving directly with our rental bus into the Sculpture Garden):
“Wow I wish I could camp here…forever”
Third reaction (rinsing our first plate):
“Wow… this is not work, this is holiday!”

On invitation of Kroller Muller’s Sweet Summer, we packed our gear, and drove to the most beautiful area in the Netherlands, the Veluwe.
Unfortunately we don’t have permission (yet) to publish all the lovely plates we made of some sculptures, but here are some results!

Note: July the 27th we’re there again, for wet plates in the sculpture garden! We hope to see you there!



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“Playground” tintype 13 cm x 18 cm

Our playground, where you can find us working and living together as a couple to create, to cry, to enjoy and celebrate, to love and trust.

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“Uncentered” tintypes 13 cm x 18 cm

A slight mystery in these twins. It’s our studio. A gap in between. Together alone.

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Black aluminum tintype 9 cm x 12 cm


“Mercedes engine of  Fokker D-VII”

Black aluminum tintype 9 cm x 12 cm


“1913 Buick”

Black aluminum tintype 9 cm x 12 cm


” Nord 1101 ‘Noralpha’s’ second smoking start in 40 years”

Black aluminum tintype 9 cm x 12 cm


Enjoying Nord 1101 ‘Noralpha’s’ beauty”

Black aluminum tintype 9 cm x 12 cm


Fokker D-VII

Black aluminum tintype 9 cm x 12 cm



Wet Plate & Airplanes: the Early Birds!

Who says man can’t fly because we weren’t born with wings?

Thanks tot Peter van Hal, we had the privilige to go to Lelystad where The Early Birds Foundation is situated.

“The Early Birds Foundation aims to preserve the heritage of these and other ‘early birds’ by carefully restoring and rebuilding aircraft and engines. The results of these activities can be seen during airshows and by visiting our working museum.“

All were having some difficulties with exposure (Dutch weather) Alex Timmermans made some nice plates as Peter and Arjen were struggling with some chemical problems. But hey, troubleshooting is half the work and increases your skills.
Also Ferry vd Vliet and Raewyn Dunn were there to enjoy the wet plate process and airplanes.

As Alex beautifully points out on his blog (go see!). It is all about the passion. For both wet plate and aircraft. Passion for pushing limits and crossing boundaries.

I wasn’t there, which I regret, but somehow this craftmanship, the skill and patience for restoring and the love for being up there surrounded with sky, reminded me of some Shakespeare poetry (totally out of context, but whatever):

My words fly up, my thoughts remain below:
Words without thoughts never to heaven go


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All black aluminum tintype 9cm x 12cm or 13cm x 18cm



April 2012, Ecuelles, France. A beautiful sight along the river Saone. Birds of pray everywhere, owls, lots of buzzing bees… As long as we’re not able to live in such a nice place, we’re glad that we have friends who do!

A good opportunity to test our mobile dark box… It still needs some adjustments, but we were perfectly able to use it for small and medium plates.
The blind curtain works well and so is the functionality of the bended tent-piece for holding the cloth!


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