Tintype Studio

“Steven” tintype 13 x 18 cm



wet plate collodion workshop op KABK door Went&Navarro wet plate collodion workshop op KABK door Went&Navarro wet plate collodion workshop op KABK door Went&Navarro wet plate collodion workshop op KABK door Went&Navarro wet plate collodion workshop op KABK door Went&Navarro

 pictures (5) above © Deen van Meer




May 2014
For the next generation…
Tintype Studio @ KABK

Such a nice and inspiring day at the KABK (The Hague,
We shared some of our knowlegde and hopefully created a spark and passion for the process. We intended to ‘just’ do a demonstration or two, but ended up giving guidance to 25 students pouring their first plate, expose, develop, fix and varnish. So it was definately a ‘work’ shop (sweatshop) for us… The best results were not shot by us, but by these promising students! Thanks for inviting us. And special thanks to Deen van Meer, who made some nice shots of the gathering.

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Tintype Studio @ Open Domein 2014

tintype 13 x 18 cm

Tintype Studio @ Open Domein 2014

“Iron & water” tintype 13 x 18 cm


Tintype Studio @ Open Domein 2014

Dark amber glass ambrotype 13 x 18 cm


May 2014
A rainy day, foggy when the sun finally broke through. Rain and old gear are not best friends, but it seems that rain and Wet Plate are completely fine with each other.
Accompanied by the sound of forging metal and sizzling water from the blacksmith next to our spot, we sort of we bumped into a bearded sitter (whose plate melted under varnish last year), two ladies selling old fashioned candy, a family taking a break, and as always we bumped into some great ‘silent’ stills…

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Tintype Studio

“Emrys” tintype 18 cm x 24 cm

Emrys, is a wonderful ‘sitter’. I guess he’s used to it, but he still manages to not overpose, or get bored. This is one of the of 20 plates that he posed for that day. He held track of it and aimed for a (new) world record!

Tintype Studio

“Laguiole, FaceBook, tequila and me” tintype 13 x 18 cm


Gold toned albumen print of wet plate negative by the wonderful Borut Peterlin

Tintype Studio

“Lane” tintype 13 x 18 cm

May 2014
European Collodion Weekend 2014
Again it is time for us all wet plate nerds to gather around the fire (lit with collodion of course) to have a good in depth conversation about our chemistry, our mistakes and successes. Of course in relationships like these, there is a moment for booze, for frustration and relief (always when the group picture is done). A hello, a hug, a kiss and goodbye again. Until we meet again folks! Thanks!

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This guy makes awesome pics. A true lomographer. This is him with some nice old gear.

Tintype Studio

“OM2” tintype 13 cm x 18 cm

Tintype Studio

“Zorky10” tintype 13 cm x 18 cm

Tintype Studio

“Hasselblad 500CM” tintype 13 cm x 18 cm


13.11.22 tin type to the max_OM2n_013


13.11.22 tin type to the max_OM2n_018



and some pics he shot back…. [shot with Olympus OM2 with unexpired superia 1600]




“Arjen” tintype 13 cm x 18 cm

and his VERY first wet plate of Arjen …



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This was Tintype Studio in full glory. (is that a proper English way to say that we were ‘at our best’?)
Four days of ethousiastic visitors consuming the lovely sight of seeing a plate appear in fixer.  Sometimes even a soft choir of oh’s and ah’s was heared. Made me smile, and work even harder. For the first time we actually felt appreciated for our craftmanship, not only for the results.
Our collaboration with Alex Timmermans was a perfect fit. And where our passion and the photography-loving visitors met, the actual fun in creating and sharing was felt deeply.
Thank you Alex, thank you visitors and thank you UNSEEN for anchoring this great an unexpected experience within.



_ATI8901 kopie

Nothing better than the smell of ether in the morning…


tintype 9 cm x 12 cm

_ATI8908 kopie

Alex handling Roys XL plate before fixer

_ATI8915 kopie

Roy filming his own portrait in fixer.


Manon prefers the smell of varnish over ether… By the way this is a lovely ambrotype we made of Jo Fraser


Manons temporarily spot for varnishing without wind. Although she loves pizza, this time it’s the perfect delivery box for an XL plate

_ATI8926 kopie

The result of a beautiful ‘sitter’ a very skilled Collodionist (Alex) with good chemistry and a well varnishing job.


Tintype 13 cm x 18 cm in delivery box.


Although proud, it’s always hard o say goodbye to something you love.


Wrapping freshly varnished portraits at night


Visitors before opening time


Another tintype 13 cm x 18 cm

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Tintype Studio

What will happen if you coat an unvarnished wet plate with cyanotype solution. On the same plate. That’s the question I asked myself last saturday. And this is what happened. Very pleased, and a whole new project to work on!

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Tintype Studio

“Before” tintype 13 cm x 18 cm


Tintype Studio

“After” tintype 13 cm x 18 cm


“No! Not this plate! Gr!@$%^&&” (!!! (some words not apropriate to repeat…)
When we think we’ve come a bit closer to mastering this unique process, something like this happenes:
A plate (a lovely one) has to be varnished at one point (or another). That is my job, that’s what I am good at. After a week of tweaking the varnish, (a drop of more demi, a drop of ethanol when it flows too slow) it seems perfect. I give it a go with a test plate. Result is fine. I warm this plate a bit, handwarm, as it should be. I flow the varnish (sanderac dissolved in ethanol with a finishing touch of some lavenderoil to get the cohesia a bit better) and then it happens: the plate gets dark, edges smudge, and I can see tiny cracks appear in the silvery image… If I pour off the varnish, I know, the whole image will float off the plate…
And I curse, almost cry.
It hurts.

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Maintain, restore and create…
In this whole Tintype thing there should be more time for us to work on plateholders, inlays, restoring camera’s and so on. A bit jealous we are when we see Rick working in full focus on two of our camera’s. On two new plateholders to be exact. It makes us wish we’d have the patience and skills to make these, but then again it’s also a feast to see his work in progress from this point of view.

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ECW 2013!
We can’t wait to see everyone again who was there last year in Eindhoven… Let’s make awesome plates and conversate by the campfire untill dawn.

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The weekend of the 26th and 27th of May the Tintype Studio was present at a small festival in beautiful Groenekan where we made tiny tintypes to be worn as jewels! It was hard work, and we are sorry for all the people who couldn’t be ‘tintyped’ because of the huge waiting list. Our spot was marvellous: in the shadow of a big big… no a really big tree, view over the stream behind the garden and accompanied by fantastic people.

For us a great opportunity to test our mobile darkbox! Now we can make the definite design for the real thing… and hopefully produce it for the use at more festivals and parties.

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