Luther Gerlach

black aluminum 2.8 cm x 4 cm tintypes medallions

“Alex at work” black aluminum 9 cm x 12 cm tintype

black aluminum 6 cm x 6 cm tintype


We adjusted an old SLR for the medallion size tintype and a Seagull for the 6 x 6. We love the small ones, although the camera’s are less impressive and we’d like to try ultra format size too one day :)

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While Luther & Peter were making ultra large format ambrotypes and Alex medium size plates (some nice ones of us!), we completed this weekend with the tiny medallion size tintypes. Good weather, nice live music and all in a beautiful garden (with wild strawberries!)

Alex Timmermans has a nice impression on his blog, so check it out, too!

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A small impression of this fabulous weekend. Some tintypes we made and some nice B&W images with thanks to Peter Kunz. I think he took one of the best shots ever: Luther peeking over my shoulder whilst varnishing a plate :)

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What more can we say but thank you, Alex, Jan, Luther, Fabrice, Alexey and Artur  and Photo Academy Eindhoven! It was a great weekend with so much new information, good advice and a lot of sharing knowledge and experiences.

THANK YOU! See you all next time!

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