Tintype Studio

Uncentered:”Koga” tintype diptych (each tintype 13 cm x 18 cm)


May 2014
Uncentered: Koga
Next work in the series ‘Uncentered’ we’re working on.
This one shows Arjen’s old bike. He made a special edition repro for his dads 65th birthday titled: ‘the first day of the rest of you life’ picturing one of his biggest passions: cycling.
Arjen can’t wait to shoot his dads old bike:  a marvelous blue vintage Gios Torino…
If you haven’t seen the first Uncentered click this: ‘studio’

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I don’t know how come, but it seems there is a little angel on our schoulders when it comes to finding places and events to present the Tintype Studio. We never plan, or make reservations at all!
Again this year we were invited to tintype for two days during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. We needed a residu for the days we weren’t there. That’s when we decided to build an installation with a big kaleidoscope and some ambro’s we made during the intended two days.
Because of the positive responses we had due to a nice interview in NRC Next that week, we couldn’t leave! So we ended up with 10 days of making tintypes en ambrotypes, a nice installation next to us and having a lot of fun.

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A small impression of this fabulous weekend. Some tintypes we made and some nice B&W images with thanks to Peter Kunz. I think he took one of the best shots ever: Luther peeking over my shoulder whilst varnishing a plate :)

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What more can we say but thank you, Alex, Jan, Luther, Fabrice, Alexey and Artur  and Photo Academy Eindhoven! It was a great weekend with so much new information, good advice and a lot of sharing knowledge and experiences.

THANK YOU! See you all next time!

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Last Thursday it was the kick off for The European Wet Plate Collodion Weekend (14th and 15th of April). All participating “Collodionists” are showing a selection of their work at the Academy for Photography (‘Fotoacademie’) in Eindhoven.
The participating Photographers are:

Luther GerlachAlexey AlexeevFabrice PejoutMémé BartelsWent & Navarro – Peter van Hal – Alex Timmermans

For us this is the first time our tintypes are being exhibited and it makes us ‘proud, happy and thrilled’
Of course we’ll keep you posted about our TintypeStudio demonstrations and results during that weekend. Oh, it’s going to be lots of fun!!!

With specials thanks to Alex Timmermans for making this possible (and the really nice frame-work!)


Top: by Alex Timmermans

Bottom: by Fabrice Pejout


Left: by Alexey Alexeev

Right: Alex Timmermans himself standing by work by Fabrice Pejout


Right: by Meme Bartels

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