La Molina

Tintype Studio @ Open Domein 2014

“La Molina” tintype 18 cm x 24 cm

This particular plate makes me stare. Like the stare and gaze I get when I see a tintype from the old days. A tiny story locked inside. Who? Why? Where? When? For how long?
In this case I can help you out: at Open Domein 2014, Weesp, NL, for about 40 seconds.

Why? Because we love this! Shooting plates of beautiful objects, initiatives, or in this case, a Ferris Wheel restaurant.
A plate like this is a timelapse captured. A still movie. Not a frozen still, but the sum of moments. I know this might sound cheesy or like a cliché, but somewhere I hope, within a few decades, or a century maybe, somebody would have a look at this plate and will ask himself these same questions.