The Light Recordings – Chapter 1: Coffee

The Light Recordings: Chapter 1; Coffee - 6'32"

“Caffè Sotto 6’32’’ ” tintype 13 x 18 cm


April 2014
‘The Light Recordings’
Chapter #1: Coffee : Caffè Sotto 6’32’’

‘The Light Recordings’ is a series of artworks and installations about recording time and compressing it in a single or a series of images/objects.

Chapter I, ‘Coffee’, is where we record different brewing methods with Wet Plate Collodion technique. One record has a shutter time as long as it takes to brew from start untill end. Caffè Sotto 6’32’’ took us 6 minutes and 32 seconds to shoot and brew.
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A framed fine art repro of this tintype is now ‘on the road’  with the Coffee & Arts project (